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Learn How to Stop Binge Shopping

If you're having trouble getting your finances in order it's possible that you spend too much on binge shopping trips. If you have ever gone out shopping just to do it without really needing anything then you have binge shopped. It is a difficult habit to break but if you can it could be the thing that gets your finances in order.

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Know Your Triggers

This first step to fixing your binge shopping habit is to learn what sets you off so to speak. This could be an emotional trigger like a bad day at work, a person like a friend that you go out with that is always buying things or you just like having new things; whatever the reason, identifying your trigger will help you deal with your spending habits. This isn't going to be easy but it is the most effective way to cut into your spending.

Power Shopping and Self Discipline

This is a technique that takes a lot of self discipline. Some people find that just holding an item an item in their hands during the shopping trip will make them less likely to buy that item or any other item for that matter. This is something that works well for some and not so well for others. Another technique that works well for many people is giving yourself a wait period for items. This could be a week, a month or even a year. Any time period that will let the "impulse" wear off.


This one may sound intuitive but often overlooked. Avoid places that have stuff you want to buy! If you go into a best buy (assuming you're into electronics) there is a good chance you're going to get a toy. By staying away from places there is no temptation in the first place. I have found that this is the most effective method for me.

Write down a list of places you like to shop and try to stay away from them as much as possible. If you like to shop at places like TJ Maxx, making sure you don't go in there unless you're really need something, it is imperative for your financial future.


At the end of the day it really is all about will power. Start investing in yourself and your future so you can have security in your life.

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