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Man's Best Friend

It may sound corny, but my dog truly is my best friend. Fluffy and I have been through a lot over the years, but he has stuck with me through thick and thin. We love going on long walks and playing fetch at the dog park. Fluffy might not be a menacing name, but he can certainly hold his own with other dogs! I always take good care of my four-legged friend, so we go to the vet on a regular basis for check-ups. Fluffy is getting up there in years, but he is in excellent health. I like to think his vitality is due to the premium dog food I buy and frequent exercise sessions, but it might just be his good genes. Either way, I'm relieved every time the vet gives my buddy a clean bill of health. With that said, you can imagine my surprise when a routine visit suddenly turned into a day I will never forget. The veterinarian's assistant took some x-rays in order to make sure Fluffy's insides were in tiptop shape. Of course, I was expecting everything to be perfectly normal. However, once the vet examined the pictures, she saw blockage in a few of my dog's arteries. Apparently, it was serious enough to require emergency surgery. With my mind racing, I agreed to go forward with the procedure - not even thinking about how much it would cost or how I would pay for it. At that moment, the only thing that mattered was making sure Fluffy was ok.

Veterinarian Bills are Expensive

Just like human medical bills, a trip to the vet can quickly add up. I had no idea how expensive an emergency procedure could be - until I got the bill and nearly fainted. I don't have too many expenses, so I can usually get by on a modest income. However, my budget isn't designed with these types of surprise expenses in mind. Yes, I have savings, but I wasn't about to blow it all in one fell swoop. In order to properly care for Fluffy without going into debt, I would need to get creative. With so many loans on the market today, it was hard to sift through all the information and find the right one for my needs. Plus, my credit score had taken a hit in recent years, so I was trying to avoid a credit check at all costs. While looking for fast cash, I just kept reminding myself that Fluffy was ok and the money was well-spent. I would have gladly spent triple the amount if it meant my precious dog would be by my side in the months and years to come.

Title Loans in Texas to the Rescue!

I thanked my lucky stars as soon as I came across title loans in Texas. Once I applied online and reviewed my free pre-approval quote, I was able to get the money I needed in approximately 24 hours. I couldn't believe the speed! The best part was being able to completely skip the credit check. Since my car title secured the loan, there was no reason to consider my credit score. My car remained in my possession while I made title loan payments, so Fluffy and I could still go to his favorite parks - although we took it slow since he was still recovering from his surgery. My lender gave me up to 42 months to pay the loan, so my monthly payments were definitely manageable. In the end, everything worked out just fine. I'm happy to report that Fluffy is back to his old self and we are making new memories together. Many thanks go out to title loans in Texas for helping me cover the cost of my dog's vet bill.