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Car & Auto Title Loans in El Paso, TX

Get the fast cash you need with a car title loans in El Paso. Don't let your bills pile up anymore and find out how much you can get by filling out our form. There are no credit checks and the money can be in your account within 24 hours. So what are you waiting for? Get the money you need now.

Title Loans in the Lone Star State

Still not convicted? Long Horn Lending has been doing title loans in the Lone Star State for years and has some of the most competitive pricing in the state. Our El Paso title loans have helped many satisfied customers get the money they need into they're bank accounts to get them out of trouble. As long as you have a free and clear title to your vehicle, you could qualify for our title loans in El Paso.

Title Loans el paso tx

Reasons for Getting a Title Loan in Texas

  • No Credit Checks
  • No Large Amounts of Paperwork
  • Money in Less Than a Day
  • Flexible Payment Options

Texas title loans are something that Long Horn Lending specializes in. We have flexible payment options and reasonable interest rates to keep our customers happy. We don't do credit checks because they aren't necessary. Credit reports contain things that happen through no fault of your own and we don't want to judge your character based on a sheet of paper.

Online Texas Title Loans

Don't use another bank for your short term lending needs. Unlike an auto title loan in El Paso, bank loans can take days to get you the money you need right now. They also do credit checks and if you have less than perfect credit, you will likely be denied. Banks are also known to have terrible customer service a hill of paperwork you need to sort through and fill out wasting large amounts of your time.

El Paso, TX Car Title Loans

Payday advance loans are also inferior to car title loans in Texas. The money is much more expensive, you don't get as much money and you have pay the loan back in two weeks. What is there to like about payday loans? All you need is a title loan in El Paso to get you on your feet again.

So give us a call to find out how much money your car title can get you. You can also fill out the form for a free quote and instant preapproval. Don't wait any longer and get the El Paso, TX title loan you need now.