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Car Title Loan in Lubbock, TX

Need to get your paws on some cash fast? Lubbock title loans are just what you are looking for. It doesn't matter if you have bad credit or no credit, we can still get you the loan you need quick. All you need is your car's lien-free title and we can have the money in your account in less than a day. Fill out the form or give us a call to find out how much you can get with an auto title loan in Lubbock. The quote is free and there is no commitment to sign up.

Bad Credit Title Loans in Texas

Going through a bank to get a loan is a headache and if you have bad credit, they probably can't even get a loan anyway. Banks and credit unions are known for their long waits and terrible customer service. Longhorn Lending can get you the money you need usually within 24 hours and we are known for having some of the best customer service in the state. We don't require you fill out mountains of paperwork to get a Texas car title loan either, unlike most banks.

We are one of the top car title loan Texas lenders in the whole state. This is because we are known for having some of the best interest rates for title loans in the lone star state. We also have flexible payment options so you can pay your loan back at your convenience. We also don't have any prepayment penalties so you can pay your loan back early if you get back on your feet sooner than expected. This way you can keep your interest expenses down and get yourself out from the obligation of a loan sooner.

  • Don't feel trapped anymore
  • Get your head above water again
  • We'll get you on your feet
  • Get the loan you need today

Online Lubbock Title Loans

The people that use auto title loans in Lubbock most often use them for emergency expenses but they can be used for anything you'd like. Things come up in life. You get sick; you get a toothache, the water heater in your house breaks, or whatever else. If you have bad credit, these situations can feel disastrous. A car title loan in Texas can help you out when something like that comes up. You don't have to feel trapped anymore.

Fill out the form or call us to find out how much money we can loan you. The quote is free and there is no obligation to sign up so there is nothing to lose. So contact us today for your Texas Title Loan.